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Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> never looked better. but we are giving away ryan kerrigan. go to wusa 9's facebook page and tell us why you deserve to win. it's all about ryan kerrigan. >> and we should note that the jersey would be a lot more popular if kerrigan would get maybe a sack or two every once in awhile. just every now and then. >> he's got four and a half. >> does he have four and a half? not exactly leading the league. >> in seven games. he needs to pick it up. >>> still ahead, the contentious local race that could have a big say in who controls the senate come january. >>> later on, plenty of power crews from all across the country are on their way to new york and new jersey trying to help them get their lights back on, but why were crews from one state turned away? >>> but first, an update on the battle over bus service for some local school kids. >>> a follow-up on the fight over school bus service in arlington county. we told you at the beginning of the school year that many parents were upset changing in the busing guidelines would leave their children walking to school. this week the county respo
Oct 30, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in frederick and that flood threat is not done yet. ryan dean is live from the river with the latest. what happened ryan? >> reporter: well, that's right. we've been here about two hours and a lot of folks who are just coming up and seeing this river are saying wow let's show you what it looks like currently the monocacy river here in frederick county. the level's about 21 feet right now. i've been here about two hours but sarah shookman has been here all day long and she has more on this river. >> maryland 355 over the monocacy river is always a scenic spot but superstorm sandy has turned the river near the national historic battlefield into an attraction. >> it's incredible that something like a storm like that can dump this much water off that -- that fast. is amazing. >> it's just rushing through. and coming dangerously close to the bottom of the bridge. >> reporter: the monocacy river continued to swell through the afternoon cresting at 21 feet. >> it's really rare for us totable see water -- to actually see water. >> reporter: into chris' backyard, they watched as trees disappe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2